Custom Printing

I specialize in working closely with clients to express their artistic vision and to produce original, hand-crafted, fine-art silver-gelatin prints. My printing services cover everything from RC or fiber work prints to exhibition prints up to 44 in. wide, and include both traditional and alternative printing processes. I have worked extensively printing large-format film and glass negatives, and have a decade of experience producing exhibition prints, portfolios, and book prints for clients ranging from advanced amateurs to internationally renowned photographers and museums.  

My film processing services cover all formats of film, from 35mm to ultra-large-format. 

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Darkroom Teaching and Coaching

I am always excited to share my knowledge and experience with students — whether you are new to film photography and the black-and-white darkroom, or have been printing for years and want to bring your skills to a new level. Photography is about far more than gear and technical proficiency. Creating a fine-art silver-gelatin print requires intuition, dedication, and a touch of magic. I work with students one-on-one to help them find their own unique vision, and to hone that vision to create truly masterful prints. 

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